Department of Economics


Our Economics Department offers an education based on theoretical foundations enriched with real-world applications, focused on the development of data analysis and analytical thinking skills. We train graduates capable of meeting the rapidly changing needs of the job market, equipped with data-driven decision-making competencies. Here are the key features of our department:

Current and In-Demand Skills: Data Analytics
We concentrate on programs like R, Python, MATLAB, STATA, and E-Views, imparting skills for analyzing complex data sets, highly sought after in the business world.

Diverse Course Content
Alongside fundamental courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and international economics, we offer classes in economic and social networks, game theory, financial economics, and data science applications to enhance analytical thinking and data-based problem-solving abilities.

Social Awareness
Courses on environment, sustainability, culture, and gender issues equip our students with the skill to analyze social issues from an economic perspective, offering a broad view and critical thinking abilities.

Specialization Areas and Certifications
We help you strengthen your resume and reach your goals with certificates in areas such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, applied economic analysis, and development economics.

International Opportunities
Our cooperation with over 100 universities across Europe through the ERASMUS program offers an international educational experience.

Professional Preparation and Applied Experience
Mandatory internships and workshops with industry professionals enable our students to gain real-world experience before graduation.

Effective Communication and Social Networking
Group projects, presentations, and student club activities enhance communication, teamwork, and leadership skills, broadening social networks.

Qualifications for a Wide Range of Jobs
We train graduates equipped with an interdisciplinary perspective, offering career opportunities across a broad spectrum of fields.

Strong Academic Staff
With a team of 4 professors, 1 associate professor, and 2 assistant professors, we bridge theory and practice, providing high-quality education.

Our Economics Department prepares graduates equipped with data-oriented thinking, analysis, and statistical methods, readying them for the future

Assoc. Prof. Gül ERTAN ÖZGÜZER
Department Head