IUE Conference on Human and Economic Resources

Once again, Human and Economic Resources are high on the economic agenda of most leading economies. No doubt, this is due to the strong relationship between Human and Economic Resources and growth and welfare. Economics Departments of Izmir University of Economics and State University of New York at Cortland joined forces to stimulate academic discussion on this vital theme. We invite you all to submit paper proposals on the following topics: Human Resources, Growth and Immigration, Health, Climate Change and the Environment, Energy, Water, Global Economy, Human Capital and Globalization, Education and Culture, Information Technology and Society.

Throughout our conference, we hope to gear discussion towards quality of basic education, improvement of labour market information and analysis, enhancing skills in key sectors including small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), mobility of skilled persons, enhancing quality, productivity, efficiency of the labour force and the workplace, strengthening cooperation to support trade and investment liberalisation.

Organizing Committee

Mark J. Prus (SUNY)
Lisi Krall (SUNY)
Oğuz Esen (IEU)
P. Phillips (SUNY)
Ayla Oğuş (IEU)
Efe Postalci (IEU)
Gaye Kocabaş (IEU)
Elmas Yaldız (IEU)
Emre Can (IEU)
Onur Ateş (IEU)

Barış Serkan Kopurlu (IEU)